miércoles, diciembre 19, 2007


Greg envía un mensaje navideño que se puede leer en su website.
“To everyone who visits the site but particularly to those fantastic people who take the time to write in and communicate, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and fulfilling New Year to come. Christmas has become a rather strange time of year in some ways, mainly I suppose because of the whole present buying pressure and all the demands it puts on everyone, particularly the ladies who every year have to come up with all the festive decorations, food, parties and the rest. All of which is great of course, however, I can’t help feeling sometimes that in amongst all this madness we often tend to overlook the real meaning and spirit of Christmas, which aside from its religious aspects is to promote peace on earth and goodwill to all men (and of course women). Do try not to forget this final little touch, as it really is what makes Christmas special.
Have a great time and best wishes to you all,

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