martes, septiembre 17, 2013


Estas son las novedades que Musea distribuye desde esta fecha:
DVD 1        QUARTIERS NORD    One Again a Fly
CD 1        ASTROVOYAGER    ElectrOpera - Act 02 - Modulations
CD 1        MAN    Christmas At The Patti - Man And Friends
CD 1        Robert CALVERT    Lucky Leif And The Longships
CD 1        VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR    A Grounding In Numbers
CD 1        John G. PERRY    Sunset Wading
CD 1        THE REASONING    Adventures In Neverland
CD 1        LOCOMOTIVE    We Are Everything You See
CD 1        TOUCH    Touch
CD 1        OMNIA OPERA    Omnia Opera/Red Shift
CD 1        IGGINBOTTOM    Igginbottom's Wrench
CD 1        KHAN    Space Shanty
CD 1        EAST OF EDEN    Snafu
CD 1        EAST OF EDEN    Mercator Projected
CD 1        EGG    Egg
CD 1        EGG    The Polite Force
CD 1        GILES-GILES-FRIPP    The Cheerful Insanity Of...
CD 2        MAN    Welsh Connection
CD 2        HAWKWIND    Choose Your Masques
CD 1        Dave BROCK    Memos And Demos
2CD & DVD 3        Steve HACKETT    The Tokyo Tapes
CD 1        Gordon GILTRAP    Fear Of The Dark
CD 1        HERE AND NOW    Give And Take
CD 1        David BEDFORD    Nurses Song With Elephants
CD 1        Gordon GILTRAP    Live At Oxford
CD 1        Gordon GILTRAP    Visionary
CD 1        Gordon GILTRAP    Perilous Journey
CD 1        T2    It'll All Work Out In Boomland
CD 1        MOUNTAIN    Go For Your Life
CD 1        VANILLA FUDGE    Rock And Roll
CD 1        HAWKWIND    Warrior On The Edge Of Time
CD 1        Bill NELSON'S ORCHESTRA ARCANA    Iconography
CD 1        Alan HULL    Squire
CD 1        Henry LOWTHER BAND    Child Song
CD 1        GINHOUSE    Ginhouse
CD 2        Pete BROWN & Phil RYAN    Ardours Of The Lost Rake/Coals To Jerusalem
CD 1        CLIMAX BLUES BAND    Sense Of Direction
CD 1        CLIMAX BLUES BAND    Gold Plated
CD & DVD 2        FAIRPORT CONVENTION    Live At The Maidstone Castle 1970

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